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Welcome 2 Witch Aisle!

A Spiritual Therapy podcast

Mission Statement

Creation starts with a single thought...

2 Witch Aisle was born out of the thoughts exchanged between 2 friends. Through our conversations about therapy and spirituality, we discovered many common themes. We had such amazing discussions and realizations, that we decided there might be others out there struggling with the same traumas. We knew that others might benefit from what we had to say about our own experiences.  1 of those friends has since moved on to other projects.


Charmaigne remains here talking about aspects of mental health healing with some of that spirituality stuff that may help you heal from any past traumas you may have experienced. This is my safe space platform to speak about personal truths I have come to find as I started healing. The healing process is messy. I only ask that you take what resonates, and leave the rest behind. 

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