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A little about Charmaigne...

     I’ve experienced a lifetime of trauma starting at the age of 5 years old. I have been in and out of therapy since I was 13 years old. More recently, I have been a part of Group Therapy at the VA Hospital since 2010, and since 2016 I have been trying to find a way to fit spirituality into my healing journey, but had too many poor past experiences with organized religion, and could not separate religion and spirituality. I then found my spirituality through yoga practice every week, and then in meditation on my own. 

     One day I bought a book to bring a little magic into my life, and in reading it I realized that I had already learned the skill it was trying to teach me. It was all mindfulness that I learned in therapy. The more I read about plant magic, kitchen magic, and manifestation, I realized what it was that therapy had been trying to teach me. 

     Now I love discussing both spirituality and therapy and seeing where the lines cross into the same territory. I am not a therapist, just a disabled Veteran that still goes to therapy every week to maintain good mental health. I still struggle everyday with anxiety, depression, and a few other disorders and my life has been better than it has ever been.

     I wanted to start this podcast because I feel like a lot of people like me struggle in this aspect of life whether it is from past family trauma or military trauma, we struggle with spirituality within ourselves. 

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