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Image by Martin de Arriba

About The Host Charmaigne...

     My tauma started in chidhood, and since many more followed until I started really healing. I found myself in and out of therapy all my life but never taking it seriously til my mental breakdown in early 2013. I have been in active therapy since then, going to therapy at least once a week, at the VA, ever since that break.

     One day I bought a book to bring a little magic into my life, and in reading it I realized that I had already learned the skills it was trying to teach me. It was all mindfulness that I learned in therapy. The more I read about plant magic, kitchen magic, and manifestation, I realized what it was that therapy had been trying to teach me. 

     Now I love discussing both spirituality and therapy and seeing where the lines cross into the same territory. I am not a therapist, just a disabled Veteran that still goes to therapy every week to maintain good mental health. I still struggle everyday with anxiety, depression, and a few other disorders, and my life has been better than it has ever been.

     I wanted to start this podcast because I feel like a lot of people; like me; struggle in this aspect of life whether it is from past family trauma or military trauma, we struggle with spirituality within ourselves. 

This is my safe space to speak the truths that before I felt ashamed for, I hope you will feel safe to work on your own traumas, find healing, and move from survival to thriving in life.

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